Pennington, NJ

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Uniform/Equipment Policy

HVL provides all players with basic uniforms for playing in the league, while the player is expected to bring their own equipment.

Specifically, HVL will provide for each player: 

  • a practice jersey and/or uniform shirt (1 every 2 yrs)
  • a pair of uniform shorts (1 every yr) 

To keep our costs down, new jerseys/shirts are provided every two years, while shorts are made available each year. Players/families are enouraged to clean and maintain these items in such a way to extend their usefulness and look. Of course, kids grow in spurts throughout these years, and we're happy to provide new shirts if your child outgrows what they have.

The league also provides the field equipment for all practices and games (balls, nets, clocks etc).

Players are expected to bring their own equipment, which for the girls is eye-guards, mouthpiece, and crosse (stick) at a minimum; for the boys, helmet, mouthpiece, gloves, crosse (stick), and shoulder and arm pads are needed.

Regarding lacrosse helmets: For safety considerations, the HVL recommends all boys must use a lacrosse helmet that meets the NOCSAE standard, such as the Cascade CPX. (Note: While any helmet that meets the NOCSAE standard is permitted, the aforementioned CPX helmet is a one size fits all and is the same helmet currently worn (in black) by the Hopewell High school teams.) Black is the prefered color, but any color helmet is fine as long as it meets the NOSCAE standard. It is important that all are adequately protected when playing this game. Helmet decals may be provided by HVL at no additional cost. 

A number of our practices and games occur in the cool (and sometimes frosty) spring, so players are strongly encouraged to come dressed for the weather. Sweats/warmups are often needed, and long sleeve shirts (black or white preferred) should be considered for wear under the uniform shirt.

For more information on approved equipment specifications, please consult your coaches or a resource website such as