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The Parent Model

From the Positive Coaching Alliance:

The Second Goal Parent Model

We"ve established that Positive Coaches are "Double-Goal" Coaches (they 1-strive to win AND 2-teach life lessons). So there are two groups focused on the responsibilities of the first goal: coaches and athletes.

As a parent, you have a much more important responsibility. Your job revolves around around the second goal (making sure your child draws from the sports experience the lessons that will help him or her to become a successful, contributing adult). And while this is not easy given the seductive nature of the first goal, it can make all the difference in your child's life.

A win-at-all-cost parent might look on his child striking out with the bases loaded to end the game as a tragedy. But as a Second-Goal Parent, you see the silver lining. This is an opportunity to encourage your child to develop resilience! Failure on the athletic field becomes a teachable moment for life lessons, if you play your crucial role, the role of the Second-Goal Parent.