Pennington, NJ

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Some helpful information about required equipment:

Sticks (Crosse): Each player is required to bring his or her own gender-specific lacrosse stick.  While the shafts on both girls and boys sticks can be custom cut to any size (and should be fitted in advance of our first practice), it may not be a "mini stick", which is a gender-neutral toy version of a lacrosse stick with head and shaft proportions that do not work well with our regulation-size balls.  Mini sticks also make it very difficult for players to properly learn the basic skills of the sport such as ground balls, passing, and catching.

Helmets/Goggles: Boys are required to wear a helmet (properly sized), and girls are required to wear goggles.  For safety reasons, these should be lacrosse-specific helmets and goggles -- for example, hockey helmets or squash goggles are not appropriate (unless you have made special arrangements with our staff).  Please try to fit the helmet/goggles to your child's head prior to the start of the first practice.

Mouthguards: Finally, both boys and girls are required to wear a mouthguard.  It is our recommendation that you purchase a mouthguard (maybe two because they are easily lost, especially at this age), and that you properly trim and mold the mouthguard so that it fits comfortably in your child's small mouth, and that you encourage your child to wear his or her mouthguard to Little Laxers practices.  Younger children tend to reject mouthguards and have a difficult time keeping them in for longer than a few minutes.  This is very common but it is important to wear a mouthguard to ensure your child's safety.

We strongly suggest trying out all equipment a few times at home before Little Laxers starts; however, we will be at the field 30 minutes prior to the start of the first practice to help with any last-minute equipment issues.  Additionally, one goal of our first few practices is helping players get comfortable and familiar with all of their gear, so try not to be too concerned if your child seems resistant initially about what they are supposed to wear, and do not force it.  We will work with each child to make sure everyone is happy, safe and protected. 

Although boys are permitted to wear additional equipment, to reduce equipment costs, and because we are using special balls and eliminating contact, none of the following pieces are required: protective cups, gloves, shoulder pads, or arm guards.

It is recommended that all players wear comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers, taking into consideration daily weather conditions.  Players may also want to bring their own water bottles, especially on hotter evenings.  Cleats are acceptable but not required.

If you have additional questions, please contact via emilywwest(at)gmail(dot)com.

We look forward to seeing you at the field!