Pennington, NJ

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Lax in the Valley

Girls Lacrosse Play Day
Saturday, June 1st


Game Day Information

We look forward to welcoming you this coming Saturday for the Hopewell Lax in the Valley Play Day.  In advance of the event we wanted to remind you about a few items.     


  • The play day is being held at The Athletic Fields at Timberlane in Pennington, NJ.  The site is ideally laid out and keeps everyone close together and near the fields.
  • You can find the fields with Google Maps or Mapquest by using:
    289 Pennington Titusville Rd, Pennington NJ 08534


  • On the field map (found on the LITV website), please see the areas that have been allocated for parking.
    • The primary lot near the center of the fields.
      • There is parking here for cars and vans but buses will not be able to park here.  In the corner of the lot nearest the softball field a number of spaces have been reserved and clearly marked for handicapped parking.  Please respect these spaces and those having the need to park there.
      • This lot is likely to fill up and because of traffic flow, once this area is full we will not allow later arrivals to "drop off" in this area.  We will have volunteers directing traffic throughout the lot in order to keep traffic moving.
      • Please follow the directions of the volunteers, in particular, if you are directed to park along the side of the driveway please park nose in where this is indicated in order to create the most parking capacity in this area.
    • There are additional lots shown on the map that are accessible from South Timberline Dr.  These lots provide access to the fields from the back side of the venue and it is only a short walk to the center of the field area.  We will also have a volunteer in this area to help direct you.  We will have multiple golf/utility carts to move tents, coolers, and/or those that need assistance.
  • Cars will not be allowed to park along Pennington-Titusville Rd or other streets.  Please avoid the aggravation of a ticket by using the parking lots.  We have a very enthusiastic police department.

Other Site Information

  • Team tents may be set up ONLY in the area marked on the map.  Under no circumstances will tents be allowed behind or immediately adjacent to any field.
  • The Baseball Field and Softball Field are OFF LIMITS; please inform your players, coaches and fans that under no circumstances can anyone access those areas for any reason.
  • Please ask your players to not play catch around the team tent area.  Also, we would suggest that players not leave sticks or other valuable equipment unattended in the tent area while they are playing games.  Hopewell Valley Lacrosse is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • You will see on the map a central location marked with a headquarters tent.  We would ask that a coach or manager come by and check in when you have arrived.  Additionally, copies of the game schedule may be picked up and will reflect any last minute changes.
  • An emergency medical technician (EMT) will be at the headquarters tent.  If help is needed please come to or send someone to the tent.
  • Sidelines on the map which are marked "Teams" are for teams only.  All spectators should be on the opposite side of the field.
  • We will have protective fencing up behind the endlines.  When you are walking with your teams to the fields, please keep your entire team outside the fencing.   Also, please ask your parents to not stand along the endlines.  Many of them have not yet been hit by a lacrosse ball and haven't learned the consequences.
  • There is plenty of area near/adjacent to fields for use in warming up.   Please do NOT warm up in/near team tent area.
  • Please ask your team to clean up the area around their sideline after the game, especially empty drink bottles.   There will be plenty of trash cans near the fields.   

Food / Concessions

  • We will have a slection of food trucks this year with an assorted menu of hot and cold foods, drinks, etc.
  • Hopewell Valley Lacrosse tournament t-shirts will be on sale at the main HQ tent.
  • Vendors will have lacrosse equipment & apparel for sale.
  • ALCOHOL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Please be mindful that this is a youth sporting event.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.  If you have any questions or problems on game day, please stop by the Tournament HQ tent.   

Deb Howlett
Hopewell Valley Lacrosse
609‐712-0445 (cell)