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2021 HVL Covid Safety Guidelines


Season Summary

Our goal is to provide the safest return to play environment for our players, coaches and community.  To accomplish this, we will need the support and cooperation from all our HVL families.  Below is a summary HVL’s Covid Safety GuidelinesWe are asking every family to carefully read through this document.


HVL will not host our annual Lax in the Valley tournament nor will HVL teams participate in any local tournaments.  HVL’s 2021 season will consist of practices and games/play days with local teams that share comparable safety protocols.  We have been in active communication with local town programs to facilitate this Covid safety alignment. 


We are also aware that HVL’s spring break falls during our lacrosse season.  We will also follow the HVRSD quarantine policy for persons who travel to an area designated as “impacted” by the Governor of New Jersey.  Under this policy, players who travel for greater than 24 hours to an area designated as “impacted” will not be able to return to play for either 14 days and a negative Covid test per the guidelines. 


Practice Protocol Summary

Our practice and game protocols are derived from the US Lax Return to Play Guidelines and CDC recommendations for Youth Sports AdministratorsThe below information is meant to provide a summary of those guidelines but is by no means exhaustive.  For greater detail, we encourage you to visit both links.  


HVL Practice Covid Protocols include:

  • Waivers obtained at registration from all HVL participants.  

  • All teams will have parent safety volunteers to administer check-in protocol for every practice and game. Please coordinate with your fellow voulnteers on Team Snap to make sure every practice and game is covered. Questions on the girls side should be directed to Dana Falconi - for the boys, Melissa Yasher.

  • Players must complete health screening questionnaire prior to each practice.  We will utilize Team Snap’s Health Check which will provide a “green screen” confirmation that must be presented to the safety volunteer(s).

    • A sample questionnaire is provided here:

      • Have you experienced a fever EQUAL TO OR greater than 100.4 in the past 10 days?

      • In the past 72 hours, have you experienced ANY of the following symptoms:

        • Fever or chills

        • Cough

        • Fatigue

        • Muscle or body aches

        • Headache

        • Loss of taste or smell

        • Sore throat

        • Congestion or runny nose

        • Nausa or vomiting

        • Diarrhea

        • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


  • Have you received a positive test result for Covid-19 in the past 14 days?

  • Have you been exposed to, or come in contact with anyone you know who has Covid-19 OR was tested for Covid-19 and has a pending result?

  • In the past 14 days, have you traveled outside New Jersey for more than 24 hours to an area designated by the Governor of NJ as an “impacted area”? 

  • Did you carpool to or will you carpool home from practice today?

  • Temperature checks will be performed by safety volunteer(s) prior to entering practice area:

  • For car traffic, once you enter the parking lot, take the first right and move around the lot counter clockwise to the drop off site for your child.

  • Parents CANNOT leave until their child has been cleared to practice. They can wait as the child gets out of the car and gets checked.

  • Practice times are staggered.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for all players/coaches to use prior to entering practice facility.

  • Masks Wearing:

  • All coaches and volunteers must wear masks.  

  • Players will be required to wear masks before and after practice.  

  • Masks during play are optional except where required under US Lax rules.  This includes players taking the draw and players on the sideline during games.

  • Individual cones spaced 6ft apart along the perimeter of the field will be used for players to place equipment and bags.

  • For the boys, all players must arrive at practice with all of their pads and equipment on and bags must stay in the players’ cars. 

  • All coaches will be provided with electric whistles during practices.

Game Day Protocol Summary

In preparation for the ’21 season, we are actively communicating with local organizations to share Covid protocol.  Games have been scheduled against teams who are following the same US Lax game day protocol as HVL. These include completing health screening questionnaires, presenting “Green Screens,” and utilizing temperature checks. Teams are responsible for having their own volunteer to administer these game day protocols. 


HVL Game Day protocols include:

  • Obtain waivers from opponents prior to all home games.  

  • Provide opponents with field maps to show designated team temperature check stations and entrance/exit paths to minimize contact. 

  • All coaches, referees and volunteers must wear masks.  

  • Players will be required to wear masks before and after games.  Masks during play are optional except where required under US Lax rules.  This includes players taking the draw and players on the sideline (substitutes).

  • Use of electric whistles by referees.

  • For all home games, only one spectator per player will be allowed.  Home and away teams will be separated.  All spectators must wear a mask and stand 6’ apart.