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We will post a variety of commonly asked questions on this page. Please feel free to suggest ideas for FAQs as well.

Q. What is the difference in setting my phone and email information to "Public", "Roster", or "Private"?

A. These settings control who can see your email and phone contact information, and each item (email, home phone, cell phone, and work phone) can be set independently. Log in via the Edit My Account tab to make changes. Click on the nearby "?" icon for more information.
Public indicates that your contact info will be visible to the general public, and is reserved only for Adult profiles (vs 'player' profiles). An example of this is the visibility of contact information for coaches.
Roster indicates that your contact information will be visible to coaches and a limited group of others only.
Private indicates that only certain administrators can see your contact information. All others - including coaches! - are blocked from this detaill. (Note: this will create a communication challenge between you and your team's coaches.)
Q. Can I reduce the volume of broadcast emails I receive from Hopewell Valley Lacrosse?
A. Yes. Go to your profile via the Edit My Account tab and within your profile click on the "No Emails" checkbox (located under your email address box). This will prevent the broad group of emails, but not emails related to Game/Practice Reminders, or team-specific messages sent by a coach. Click on the nearby "?" icon for more information.
Q. Can the website automatically send me an email reminder of games and practices?
A. Yes. Go to your profile via the Edit My Account tab and click on the "Remind of - Games" "Practices" checkboxes. The website will send you a reminder 24 hrs before each game and practice.
Q. Can I see both of my kids' game and practice schedules on the same page or view?
A. YES! Our new website has this wonderful functionality for parents with multiple children in the program. Simply go to the Team tab across the top and click on "Multi-Schedule". Pick the way you'd like to see the information, choose the teams, and you've got it!